Hi, you’ve found Phase Slip.

I make music, mostly instrumental.

So far you can find a few demos of tunes from albums I’m working on.  I hope to put the first album out sometime in 2024.

First are two solo 12-string guitar pieces from an album of acoustic music called “Au Naturel”.  The second piece, “Rambling” will have have 6-string guitar parts added when I finish it.

“Through Wind and Rain” is an up tempo tune from another album I have planned featuring a band arrangement.

“Moonlight Reflection” is an atmospheric track which begins with solo piano.  Picture standing on the edge of a still pool at night, watching the reflection of the moon.  After a short time a breeze stirs some ripples on the surface and the moon’s reflection begins to dance - and so guitar synth, guitar and bass join in.

Hope you enjoy.

Come back soon to hear more

Diamonds at Dawn


Through Wind and Rain

Moonlight Reflection

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